How to Check the Status of Labour Contract

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Hai Sir, Now our people are on a 2 year visa, if they do not want to renew the contract, our company means 2 months ago that they say why this is your vacation time. So for all the people who get an automatic tape, one of our office workers asks for help from MOL customers, they ask the company`s letter to stop 2 months ago. but our company refused to give this letter. now all the people in our company are in a very critical situation. if there is a way to protect ourselves. Hello can you tell me how can I check my work visa online or can you tell me in another way how can I check my visa through Hi Deepak, the person code in the contract will be the same even if I change jobs Dear Sir, I am back here in Dubai as a tourist vsa, I work 2 months in a restaurant, but I wonder if my vsa is already ready without signing a contract paper, I have nothing, I checked on the site u mention (only with my passport number, nationality and year of birth) and I do not know who signs or writes my name. If I quit my job, I get a ban..? pls.reply Sir. There are 2 ways for employees to view the employment contract online. My girlfriend found 2 companies that interviewed her on the same day. The first company requested a copy of the documents for future processing, but without signing anything (letter of offer, contract). The second company immediately hired her the same day and promised to process her papers as soon as possible. Two days later, when she was about to leave a visa, the second company`s PRO told her that the first company had already processed her papers with MOL.

is it possible to cancel this request to MOL without it receiving a ban? because she has not yet reached an agreement with the first company, but they have already processed her papers without her consent. What should we do? Thanks in advance! Hello Deepak, Thank you for so much advice, I want to remove the one I have too, I was employed in an oil company in JAFZA from 2007, and in 2011 I moved to Iraq with the contract that says my tip will continue according to the laws of the United Arab Emirates, In 2014 My monthly salary (A) and risk allowances (B) will be changed to the daily rate (AB), where my daily rate is mentioned as (AB) in Iraq. I receive food and accommadation by the company How is the tip now calculated is it on AB or A. Thank you How to check your work card information, your official copy of the employment contract online on Now, after taking my medical card and Emirates ID card, they have shown the original contract that shows. Do I have to apply for the new captain`s contract for the sake of my diploma and certificate? 2. Should I resign or just say I won`t renew? 3. Do I have to work 1 month in advance after October 19, 2014 / visa expiry? Hello Bonjour.Je work in a company in Abu Dhabi from 27/05/2014 and my visa is valid until 15/06/2016 according to my contract with the company I have to give one month in advance if I want to leave the company. a few weeks before I submit my termination/paper, now my supervisor says I have to serve and wait 3 months, only then I can go out cancelling the visa. What I should do, please help me.

I am afraid of getting into trouble if I do not fulfill my obligations to the new employer, please inform Sir, I want to know if my Campony does not take me in time for medical fitness and he will be fined by the Ministry of Labor when he asks for my work card, that the fine will be transferred to me as an employee? Because that`s what`s happening to me now, I`m asking you to work with the elite of the security company, but I never got my employment contract. what they have always done that upload it to mol`s website but I tried and failed, how can you help me? 3.b. . .

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