How Do I Check My Contract at Mohre

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Hi Mr. Deepak, I work in a beauty salon, my boss doesn`t want to give me my contract to see how many hours we should work during the day, we work 12 hours a day, sometimes more than 12 hours a day, six days a week, but she doesn`t give us extra pay. I have a residence card, an occupational health and safety card, when I open the website to get a copy of my contract, I wonder my work card number and the person`s code, where can I find all this? Thank you Samantha, your employer is right. Under the fixed-term employment contract, you must compensate your employer and he runs the risk of being blocked for breach of a fixed-term contract. I hope you will do good. I have been working here for two years (January 2016 my visa ends). In this case, I did not sign an agreement. In fact, I was not aware of that agreement. But when I check the details of my contract, my salary is only 1500 basic and 2000 in total. But I was told 2500 aed per month. Without my signature, as might be possible. And please tell me what to do now? I was sometimes paid 2500 and sometimes 2000.

Could you tell me? I worked in a private company for 2 years and 9 months. This is a limited contract that has 2 years. I extended it last October. I have already resigned, but I told them that they would return home to my country. so they returned my documents and advice. I have now received a job offer, but my former employer told me that if he found out he was sick, he would work with another hospital, he would impose a work ban on me and an immigration ban on me. Is this possible?? can they do it?? By the way, I`m on my father`s visa. Hello. I checked the status of my application a week ago and it was in the “Approved” status. and according to my company`s HR, my visa is still ongoing.

just now, I checked it again and the status is “USED”. Can you explain the meaning of this status? Thank you very much. I want to know what kind of contract I have. Work permit No. 47176918 No. 30414057473154. Previously, you could check the status of the work card online on the MOL (Ministry of Labor) website, but now it has been replaced by MOHRE and the process has become even easier. The process of reviewing your employment contract online requires a few simple steps that you need to follow.

Good evening. I just want to ask, since my contract starts on May 14, 2011 until now and the base salary is 1000 as turnover, if I no longer renew my contract, how much I receive for my conclusion. Tanx. Thank you for contacting us. It is best to check with the hospital where you work and take action accordingly. If you would like more information about this, you can also contact the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) at +971-4-607-3555. Mr. Depak please advise that I sign this contract in a company letter. Hello Sir Good evening I can copy my copy of employment contract to your nearest tahseel office with passport and visa and ID card copy them and I want an original copy of the contract so they charge you 70 to 100 dhm and they will give you.

Thank you, I hope it works for you Hello, I have been working with the last company for 1 year for an open-ended contract (2 years). I could be banned from working before I enter into my contract. My previous job in the company was 6 years. friendly advice. If you have renewed your Emirates ID card, your business visa card will be automatically renewed. Since this is a fixed-term contract, you may have to pay the penalty. Dear Sir, I work in sales and I lost my work card. I showed up at the police station, they needed documents from my company, but my boss doesn`t want to give because he told me it was expensive to type Arabic, and if I ever extend my contract with them, I don`t need this work card because I can get a new one. but I don`t want to renew. Do I have to pay for my lost work card in case of cancellation? Please respond. Thank you Respected M.

I have an unlimited contract visa sharjah and he will be released on the 7th. Can expire, how many days in advance can I renew the visa because I wanted to take an insult for two months in April and maybe made for a crash course in India! 1. Since I receive a salary offer that is a reasonable salary increase plus a better name, and the employer has not respected the contract (proof of bank statement). I had been selected for a kindergarten in Abu Dhabi, I have worked with them for 22 days since September 1, 2015. Then they stopped me for the reason of the work card. How can I check the status of the work card? I am in spousal sponsorship, if I get another business, can I register? How can I find out my work card and my contract, I don`t have them both Thank you for contacting us. We recommend that you discuss this with your employer and ask them to provide you with the contract details and help you find your card number. For more information and questions, you can even contact MOHRE at +971-4-607-3555. Download the Mohre app: The main option through the mohre app is recommended by our site for our readers, as a user can access several government services on the go, so you can start downloading the Mohre mobile app from the links below. I recently got a job, accepted a letter of offer from the company and am still under my husband`s patronage. however, the contract says “limited”.

The letter of offer was signed in July and I still haven`t joined the company and my work card is taken by the company. nw due to some personal and health issues that I will not be able to join. So what I would like to know is whether I will get a ban. Please advise me. I checked my work card information and the second time I checked it, I received this message “Request already waiting for printing with the Tas`Heel compatible writing center” I visit this website and I also found my contract. But my question is that I have been working in the UAE for 9 months, but I am really tired of this job and I want to risk my job and I have a new opportunity, so can I get my job now? As I have heard, it will be blocked for up to six months, but I do not know in which case I will be banned and in which case I will not. .

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